CE Schneider Topical, “Exit All Seasons”

Post Author: Lena Rubin

Watch the glitchy, delightful video for CE Schneider Topical’s track “Exit All Seasons”. While the track’s tune is pleasantly nursery-rhyme like, with elliptical, rhyming lyrics, the video’s computer-generated visuals clash satisfyingly. The video utilizes early-2000s computer desktop backgrounds and cyberspaces reminiscent of the Sims. Cyber people move around aimlessly, freeze on the screen, walk through virtual walls. Digital glitch becomes lilting accompaniment for Schneider’s vocals as we experience a physically impossible dreamscape.

The video for “Exit All Seasons” was created by Greg O’Connell of Half Acid / formerly of Quiet Hooves & Bubbly Mommy Gun.

The track comes from Antifree, Christina Schneider and Zach Phillips’ second full length album, under the moniker CE Schneider Topical. Give the whole 17-track EP a listen too — it’s immensely pleasing and refreshing for tired summer ears, while being simultaneously weird enough to hold your attention.

Listen to Antifree here.