Celestial Shore, “Creation Myth”

Post Author: Katie Capri
Celestial shore

“Creation Myth”, Celestial Shore‘s  first single off of their upcoming album, Enter Ghost, creates a lot of cognitive dissonance. The song’s mantric lyrics wholly conflict with its title, leaving a lot of room for Angela Stempel’s visual imagination (and interpretation) to run wild.

“We evolve. Slowly count the days. It’s happening to you. You evolve slowly. Just like everyone around you.”

The only lyrics first ring out after Stempel’s psychedelic mixed-media freak out opens with an illustrated Big Bang. Doodled amoebas fill the following riotous and off-kilter instrumental, flashing themselves inside-out to transform into ancient sea creatures; into insects; into wild game; into a video game some chubby dude is totally pwning.

Things get more complicated in the collaged/illustrated human world. “We evolve” starts to punctuate sinister developments in the cartoon protagonist’s surroundings. The technology starts getting aggressive and before you can register Sam Owens’ voice repeating, “Just like everyone around you”, everyone but the cartoon protagonist blooms from a television-fed chrysalis into a cotton candy-skulled zombie dressed in Ted Chaough’s clothing.

Enter Ghost comes out October 14 on Hometapes.