Chris Hardwick Takes @Midnight to SXSW With Facebook Live

Post Author: Erin P.S. Zimmerman

SXSW is not just a music festival. It’s not just a film festival. It is a full experience. From panels, to hours-long concerts, and even to spur-of-the-moment shows, there is something for everyone.
And, the very first thing that popped up for me was a taping of @Midnight that would be broadcast over Facebook Live. This was one of those unofficial events that seemingly worked with SXSW so as not to get shut down, but you did not need a credential to get in.
I’m a fan of the show. Most nights, I fall asleep as it’s ending. I’ve even been to a taping in Los Angeles. But nothing beats the live theatre experience where the audience is MUCH bigger than in-studio. Nothing quite beats a large audience that the comedians can play off of and interact with. And, I basically have a crush on all of the comedians – Tom Lennon is my fave!
If you haven’t seen this episode, give it a watch on Facebook HERE.

Cherry on top? My sister and I got to meet Chris Hardwick. And he is one of the most genuinely pleasant people I have ever met. New life goal: Laugh more.