Cities Aviv, “Worlds Ov Pressure”

Cities Aviv sent out a reminder of Come To Life, released earlier this year on Young One Records, in the form of a video for “Worlds Ov Pressure”. Directed by Rimar Villaseñor, the video lives in a bygone decade in both fashion, location, and the directorial shots.

From Gavin Mays’ clothing to the scenes shot on the empty cement bleachers of a sports stadium, Villaseñor has time warped the song to the 90s. By limiting the scope and filming in remote locations, the “Worlds Ov Pressure” video is undisrupted in its nostalgia, even when the empty apartment fills out into a party.

Cities Aviv’s Come To Life is out now on Young One Records and streaming on Bandcamp. It is also among the Best Albums of 2014.