Cosmonauts, "Short Wave Communication"

Post Author: Virginia Croft

Based in Fullerton, CA, Cosmonauts impeccably exude the slacker quality we all wish we could embrace. Their music is filled with love and calm vibes, encouraging us to dig deep into our psyche for a little more of the “go with the flow” mentality. On their latest album, A-OK, everything is just that– okay, totally fine, and happy as they can be.
In their latest video for track “Short Wave Communication,” the boys are joined by Sarah Lay of FEELS, and the combination is both adorable and comforting. The track itself carries that usual lackadaisical tone that Cosmonauts find their niche within, this time with added female vocals from Lay and a rather chipper overtone. Throughout the video, the two protagonists sit in what appears to be a photo booth, simply enjoying each other’s company and making fools of themselves. It’s heartwarming to experience and reminds us of the necessity that is good friendship. “Short Wave Communication” may represent the concept of faulty conversation and missed connections, but the visuals that accompany provide us with a reminder to value and cherish our time with pals.
A-OK is now available via Burger Records.