So Below, "Hard"

Post Author: Sophie Kemp

So Below–the project of New Zealand based musician Maddie North–is a haunted forest child in her new video for the track “Hard.” In the video we see So Below in all black in a dark, mysterious looking forest. Every so often a beam of light is projected on her face but for a large part of the video So Below is totally shrouded in darkness.
“Im really happy with how the video came out,” she admits. “I feel its what I envisioned for the track. I just got the chance to perform it live in the UK on my first headlining tour over there; the crowds were so welcoming and I can’t wait to go back!”
Hard” is synth driven goth pop, featuring big organ buildups and pop hooks where North tells us “It’s too late.” With a sound that will bring to mind late early ‘2000s witch house, So Below‘s music is spooky and introspective while also totally club ready.
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