Cozz, "Questions"

Post Author: Andre G

It’s a perplexing world. A peer through the headlines any given day would probably breed more questions than answers. That’s why Dreamville artist Cozz’ “Questions” track is right on time. The talented LA-based rapper released a video for the curious song which depicts him turning the tables on cops by throwing them in the back of a squad car and chasing them off in the midst of profiling a Black youth.
The video, which explores the optics of cops getting a taste of their own predacious medicine, fits the vibe of the track, as Cozz mows through a delicate piano loop with an urgent delivery that flexes his technical lyricism and asks ever-relevant questions such as, “why these n*ggas prides is bigger than they work ethic?” Who knows, but if every artist worked as hard on their craft and presentation as Cozz and the rest of Dreamville, that would be one question we wouldn’t have to ask.