Date Night With Brian, "Anywhere"

Seattle-based punk rockers Date Night With Brian – comprised of Ean (Sicko), Reba (Cripples), and Brian (Primate 5) – are revving up to release a new 10″. But before they do that, they really want you to see their new video for “Anywhere”. Shot in black and white, the video consists of shots of the band performing, covered in old tape. “Bri had the idea of using Reba’s dad’s old reel to reel somehow, and already has all that junk in his basement anyway,” explains Ean. “Aaron is a genius and such a fun guy to work with. He shot and edited the whole thing in 24 hours!”
The video is over before we’re really ready for it to be, but that’s what happens with Date Night With Brian tracks. The upbeat, fun energy imposes itself on its listeners, who welcome it with open arms.
Their 10″ EP is out April 21st. It is available for preorder now. Keep up with the band via Facebook and