Dead Gaze, “Yuppies Are Flowers”

Mississippi's Dead Gaze released the first official DG album last year, the wildly likeable Brain Holiday, and today, in anticipation of a tour through SXSW, there is a video for "Yuppies Are Flowers". The video exhibits a group of finely dressed young men and women doing what they do best: dancing, primping, kissing, and smiling. In the center of it all is Dead Gaze's Cole Furlow, all done up with a scarf and suit jacket, holding a flower for all to see.

Dead Gaze's Brain Holiday is out now on FatCat/Palmist. You can catch the band in Austin at these spots:

Thursday — 3/13
Set Time — 10pm.
Flowerbooking / FatCat Showcase
Holy Mountain
617 East 7th Street

Friday — 3/14
Set Time — 1pm
Seaport Music / 4Knots Party
900 East 7th Street

Friday — 3/14
Set Time — 5pm
Music For Listeners Party
El Sapo
1900 Manor Road