Delena – Animal (Official Video)

Born in Kiev, Delena relocated to Switzerland school at just 12 years old and eventually relocated to London to study at the London Institute Of Contemporary Music Performance. It was here that she perfected her craft of captivating song writing. Music was always in her veins, through her relation to Ukranian screenwriter, film producer and director Alexander Dovzhenko, who shared her immense talent for intricate storytelling. Moving to London was a new lease of life for Delena, who, inspired by the likes of Eta James, Ella Fitzgerald and Queen to name a few, began to develop her distinctive, sassy style of pop.
Now, having collaborated with Brian Rawling (One Direction, Enrique Iglesias) and teamed up with Snowflake Music over the last couple of years, her highly-anticipated debut album is in the works as she continues to impress with her critically acclaimed single releases.
When I finished recording and finally heard it from beginning to end I got flashbacks to times I couldn’t be as strong as I wanted. All I needed was a little bit of patience. It’s a very strong song for me. And it always reminds me that I’m an animal!