Emily Afton, "Golden Mountain"

Post Author: Michael Brummett

Emily Afton is an Oakland indie artist fresh off the September release of her new album, Archetype.


With the help of co-producers Lily Rose and David Earl, Emily has worked to put together an LP that best captures her storytelling strengths. Emily (vocals, guitar, bass, keyboard) is joined by Patrick Aguirre (drums, production), and Semih Yanyeli (guitar, bass, live production) in her musical endeavors.
At live performances, you may even find Emily as a one-woman-band — often drawing comparisons to the style of Fiona Apple. This past Fall, her talents drew the attention of lead singer Stephan Jenkins of Third Eye Blind, immediately asking her to join their U.S. tour as the opening band for 2017.


“Golden Mountain” is the song off Archetype that picked up the most traction out of its 11 tracks.
Emily here invites listeners into the nostalgic, inner-reaches of her personal reflections — almost as if the bus she finds herself on is symbolic of the ride we’re taken on. You’ll find great satisfaction in the progression from being walked through the rougher side of Oakland and Alameda County, to the close-to-home, partying with friends escape in the backyard.
Vocally crisp and delivered at just the right pace, her introspection is played off perhaps a little cheerier than Emily’s actual frame of mind. 4/5.


On social media, you can follow her daily musings and catch any news via Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. For her music, Soundcloud is your best bet.