Exclusive Premiere: CROATIA – "Make Circles"

Post Author: Impose Automaton

British Columbia Quartet CROATIA brings us the chilling nostalgic feeling straight from the 1980s with their new official music video for the hit single “Make Circles”. The track combines beautiful synth waveforms with the unmistakable elegance in the voice of frontman Justin Campbell. The modern and vintage tincture that CROATIA has developed is certainly cogent. The group is set to release a new EP in the Spring of 2018, following their 2016 debut album I Wish I Could Be Holy.

CROATIA talks about the inspiration and writing process for “Make Circles”,
“Make Circles” is a song for the ridiculous and cliché moments of intimacy that we often end up in despite our best efforts. And the potentially beautiful outcomes that they might offer as well. We wanted to reflect those themes in the video as simple as possible while keeping the scenes and visuals engaging. Rob Willey at Tall Grass Films understood that from the very beginning and really helped us to run with the idea.
The writing and recording process for “Make Circles” in particular was fairly quick and natural, along with our decision to release the song with visuals. The theme of last minute decision making, and trust in how things will actualize, truly runs throughout the entirety of the song. Whether trusting that a new relationship is worth pursuing, or that piling a bunch of strangers into a small garage and chain smoking cheap cigarettes will result in anything worth sharing with people.
Raw talent amalgamates the darks and lights in the abstract song “Make Circles”. Not only is this highly danceable as we listen, but it has a lot of character and shape to it, it has more than one musical theme.