Fairy Bones, "No One Can Suffer Like I Can"

After being named the “Best Local Band” in Phoenix in 2015, Fairy Bones haven’t slowed down. This 4 piece band released a single called “No One Can Suffer Like I Can,” and they’re also set to release an album in 2018, called 0% Fun. The band has just released a music video for their single, and we have the exclusive premiere.
A fast paced song calls for an energetic and vibrant video, playing with different times of day while escaping into the desert.
Here’s what the band has to say about it:

I’ll tell myself, ‘Suck it up b—h, there’s so much worse happening in the world.’ But I realized, if I don’t help myself first, I’m cornering myself into being useless to others. I need to save myself before I can save anyone else. I use humor to mask the fact that I’m ‘suffering.’ So do others. Misery loves company and all that. It’s kind of nice when someone else understands that. Just ’cause I post something nihilistic doesn’t mean you need to be worried. I’m still working this all out myself so I don’t want to come off like I have all the answers, or any answers for that matter, but that’s where I’m at in my head right now.

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