Feverkin, "January"

Post Author: Michael Brummett

Feverkin can be found just north of Atlanta, Georgia, where he draws inspiration from both the serenity of nature and the sound playground of the city.


If you dig a little deeper, you’ll find organic sounds paired with live instrumentation — but Feverkin rarely hits the road to play shows. Opting instead for the studio, he finds traction in licensing his music to small businesses and regular collaborations with filmmakers.
With the start of 2017 has come the start of a new audio/visual project, what Feverkin is calling a “calendar project” of sorts. Shooting for a new song and video coming out each month, he’s documenting the recorded and editing process.
As he puts it himself:

“The goal is to get better at adhering to deadlines, and to practice making videos, as I don’t have much experience in video editing. Haha.”

Not that you could tell, though.


“January” is of course compelling in thanks to the intimacy of being invited to watch the whole creative process unfold. As a glimpse into the nitty-gritty of modern artistic creations, it shouldn’t lose its charm as the coming months roll on.
Personally, the origami dinosaur was my favorite part.
It takes a little over 40 seconds to understand fully what’s going on if you haven’t read the background. That may end up being a barrier to entry for some with less patience, but for those who have a few precious seconds to offer, Feverkin’s talent becomes immediately clear.
The song itself is soothing and has a flare of the older, natural world, despite its modern roots. Even as just an auditory experience, you’ll find “January” to be pleasing, smooth, and worth another listen. 5/5.


Feverkin has an impression catalog of music on Bandcamp, but has also put his work on iTunes and on Spotify for you to check out.