Foot Village, “This Song Is a Drug Deal”

L.A. art collective Foot Village has released a new video for their infectious thumper "This Song Is a Drug Deal" and let's just say it is a doozy. Dan Rowan, member of Foot Village and visionary behind the video, spoke about how they wanted to frame the song as if it were "being used and abused like any other party drug," which is why we witness a lot of slime, seizures, spastic dancing, and death. It's anything if not colorful and entertaining; the band moves as frantically as the timbre of the drums punch relentlessly. And while the group runs around on a vast green meadow, throwing Frisbees and tossing teddy bears, death-by-music-consumption is right around the corner. The viewer leaves the band convulsing in their studio, covered in black, oily slime.

The lesson here is don't do drugs. Or listen to music.