Foozle, “Blue Sweatshirt”

Post Author: Virginia Croft

Foozle has a knack for creating layers of significance in seemingly simple terms. Their sophomore full-length, Romantic Comedies, was self recorded straight to cassette, in just one weekend. Under what may have been pressure to some, Foozle has delved into the beauty of time, stretching a weekend into gushy, nostalgia-fueled songs.

For the Maryland based trio, their latest compositions aim to encompass the ughs and downs of young adulthood– typo intended. Featuring Jake Lazovick (Sitcom), Joanna Smith and Ryan Witt (Go Cozy, Ultraviolet Friend Rays), Foozle aims to examine our everyday melancholy, and make something poetic of it. In “Blue Sweatshirt,” Joanna Smith sings to us, out of focus for the camera, a possible symbol of the constant uneasiness post-adolescence presents. The video is directed by band member Lazovick, and his directorial style lies somewhere between Natalie Neal and Leah Meyerhoff. Warm shades of red envelop the living room setting, and eventually Smith steps out of the lens to welcome Lazovick and Witt. To juxtapose the dark chords, Witt lends his dance moves, accompanied by cooing vocals from Smith.

If “Blue Sweatshirt” is any indicator of what Romantic Comedies will induce, honesty and appreciation will certainly prevail. Foozle acknowledges and faces the truths of living as a young person these days, and Foozle also appreciates finding the hidden silver linings, as the video ends with a cameo from Smith’s fuzzy looking pup.

“Blue Sweatshirt” is the second single off of Foozle’s upcoming release, Romantic Comedies, out July 29th through Babe City Records, which you can pre-order now. Keep up with Foozle here.