Fritz Montana, "Chop"

Post Author: Virginia Croft

San Francisco, CA based three piece Fritz Montana are treating us to some much needed visual comic relief. For “Chop,” a track from their upcoming debut full length Father Mother Sister Brother, the boys created a charming video, reminding us of the childlike cut and pasted images featured in Angela Anaconda (you’re welcome for all the flashbacks.) The video begins with duplicates of the band members, acting as pieces in a sort of game for two not so charming dudes. It’s clever and a call on the lack of differentiation between bands– the song is a reminder that “Chop” sounds like something you’ve probably already heard. But rather than dwell on that, Fritz Montana takes the chance to point it out, and it results in one damn catchy tune.
Regarding the track, singer/guitarist Dave Marshall added, “Our song ‘Chop’ is based on the idea that most music created now feels like it’s created by chopping up parts of older songs and rearranging the pieces… Our music video for the song is a reminder that music is an industry, and like any industry, it makes a profit from finding a formula of what sells and then producing it often, like the band characters in our story… The most ironic part of the whole thing, however, is that as a band, in order to even have a voice, you must become a part of that industry first.”
Fritz Montana will release Father Mother Sister Brother on June 30th. Keep up at