Gianni Paci, “Somewhere Other Than Here”

Post Author: Michael Brummett

As an outsider, Gianni Paci looks the part of a performer finally getting his big break. “Somewhere Other Than Here” is alluring, poetic, and surprisingly full of depth. In reality, Gianni’s musical career has spanned 2 full length albums, and one other EP aside from his latest, Smoked The Wrong Stuff. Likening his sister’s romantic interest to a ghostly clown, he may be conflicted about how little acknowledgement he receives.

“Somewhere Other Than Here” is a personal confession of Paci’s, born of reflection surrounding estrangement from within his own family. Even pleading in the simplest of ways, “talk to me please / I’m just dying to be / somewhere other than here”. A tightly crafted, brief, yet complete work, “Somewhere Other Than Here” is a valuable testament to the songwriting excellence of Gianni Paci.

Smoked The Wrong Stuff was released in September. You can find Gianni, here.