Girl Ray, “Trouble”

Post Author: Matthew Voracek

Memo to all new bands: You don’t need much to shoot a video. All it takes is a camera, a concept, and a sunny day. Let’s not forget a wonderful tune as well, which is what Girl Ray has in “Trouble”. The deceivingly simple chord progression here reminds of what The Beatles did countless times. In the hands of this London foursome, they infuse the mix with what they call “estrogen pop” that includes a sly wink and an aching tenderness. “So I heard/ I guess I am in trouble again” is sung with a knowing shrug. Always in a row but never willing to change, the harmonizing of Girl Ray takes over that heavy theme and uplifts past the unmentioned debacle.

As does the accompanying video where Girl Ray goes out for a cathartic outing. Having a breakfast, getting out for some exercise, and rocking out to Queen in your bedroom are all delivered as timeless, slow-motion memories. The notion of a band’s undying camaraderie for a music video is as old as MTV itself. As the ladies muddle through a game of English rounders, the carefree friendship becomes the resulting next day for the narrative in “Trouble”. There is not a fight with your partner that spending time with your besties can’t solve. What a concept.

The Girl Ray 7” Trouble is available now on Moshi Moshi Records.