Has-Lo & Castle, “Good Feeling”

The duo of Has-Lo & Castle came together as a means of making less brooding music than what is traditionally found in their respective bodies of work. Apart, both men take to their craft as a therapeutic release, but together their music mirrors their locker room banter, as I quickly learned in my interview last month.

Taken from the collaborative album Live Like You’re Dead, “Good Feelings” is mostly a solo take from Castle, a reprieve from the back-n-forth so the North Carolina rapper may ponder the existential questions that clog his psyche. Is it still morning wood if you wake up in the afternoon? Partner-in-crime, Has-Lo sticks to interjecting passing comments, while manning the grill.

So as the summer wanes, I direct you to the bugged-out refrain from Castle that simply encourages you to, “have a smoke, sip a drink, reee-a-lax.”

Has-Lo & Castle’s Live Like You’re Dead is out now on Mello Music Group.