Hotline Debuts Live Session From Sunset Park

Post Author: Meredith Schneider

Brooklyn’s Hotline – a music project comprised of Mike Zorrilla and Mike Kirby (of labelmates Tiger Dare) and drummer Ian Vidaurre – recently recorded a live session of three of their captivating songs in Sunset Park. The band just dropped their first 7″ in April, and are tracking their first EP.

Shot by Matthew Walker, and recorded and mixed by Stirling, the video looks as though it was recorded straight to VHS. Although it has a beat up, old quality to it, it perfectly captures the trio’s performance style, and is also the best way to welcome the week to come.

Tour Dates:
10/29 @ Berlin w/ Navy Gangs
11/10 @ Alphaville w/ Secret Crush

Their debut 7″ is out now on Wonderland Archives.