Ivy Meissner, "Platinum Blues"

Post Author: Sophie Kemp

In a new video for Brooklyn based musician Ivy Meissner we walk straight into the past. The video is made up of short clips of women’s rights marches in the ‘70s, seedy San Francisco night life and images of women young and old going about their daily lives. Meissner co-directed the video with Ben Judkins to create a world that is fuzzy, nostalgic and perfectly comforting.
Both song and video do a solid job at conveying Meissner’s aesthetics. Her singing voice is smoky and laid back. It gets caught in your ear and lingers there for a while. Meissner makes music that feels vintage; “Platinum Blues” could easily have been recorded in the ‘60s or ‘70s. The song floats in between washy psych pop and dreamy Mazzy Star tinged alt rock in the guitars and bass. “Platinum Blues” will leave you with a lingering feeling of wanting to dig deeper into the past and in Meissner’s own words to redefine.
“Platinum Blues” comes with the album of the same name, out now on Tiny Montgomery Records.