Jade, "Find A Place"

Post Author: Emily Chu

Jade is definitely an artist to watch. She’s only been in the music scene since 2016,  but her debut track amassed over 100,000 views in only a few days. Her goal is music that people can relate to, and she’s recently released a music video for a song that does just that.
The video is for “Find A Place,” and we have the exclusive premiere. The video is mystic and colorful. Jade’s voice is flawless and beautiful. This track is guaranteed to be stuck in your head. Regarding the music video, this is what Jade had to say:

The video wasn’t planned at all. The night before we shot it, we were all arguing about what we should do but no one had an idea for it that really stuck. It was all very improvised; we decided to find a nice location, grabbed a few props along the way, and the story fell into place. All-in-all, it ended up being the quickest, best put together shoot we’ve done!

Be sure to give the video a watch and you can keep up with all things Jade at jademusicofficial.com.