Jerry Paper, “Real. Now. Love.”

Post Author: NM Mashurov

Jerry Paper released Big Pop Chameleon World as both an album and a playable video game, and every video from the album has the same CGI visual aesthetic. In the video for “Real. Now. Love,” Jerry Paper’s host body hangs out in his psychedelic apartment, logs onto the computer, watches TV, lies facedown on a yoga mat, and otherwise goes through the motions of killing time while waiting for his chameleon lover. The camera pans and lurches, giving the disorienting feeling of trying to navigate a Sim-world through an oculus rift, which conveys the central anxiety of the Jerry Paper project – existing as a human body in a digital world, trying to transcend both. As we lurch around Jerry’s digital apartment, Lucas Nathan’s droney human voice latches onto the New Agey “Be Here Now” mantra, repeating “Here, now, love / Now, love, here,” until, by the end of the video, it becomes convincing.

Big Pop Chameleon World is out now on Orange Milk.