Post Author: Justin Hernandez
game winner

“Game Winner” is the title track from LA based multi-instrumentalist and performer Joey Dosik’s upcoming debut EP and the song is a sultry and soulful ode to love as basketball. The making of the Game Winner EP served as a form of therapy for Dosik who spent a year recuperating from a torn ACL suffered during a game of pick-up basketball. 

In the song, Dosik intones that although it’s the fourth quarter, “it’s not over, baby” and from there the viewer is taken on a wistful journey through a love almost lost and the lengths one will go to fight back defeat and win the game of love. As the blissful, sticky-sweet slow jam strides along, Dosik passionately pleads to be given the ball so he can hit the game winner both on the court and off.

“Game Winner” visualizes the metaphor of love as sport in a scintillating way, showing the thrill of love and romance through dusky, twilight views of the city and embodying the agony of loneliness with claustrophobically framed shots that suggest isolation and heartache. The slow burn of the track and video builds toward a mellow moment of hopeful optimism that is common in all sports. For whether one is a champion or merely an also-ran, there is always another game to play, another season to train for, and another opportunity to step up to the line, shoot the ball, and win it all. With “Game Winner” Joey Dosik has put on a brilliant rookie performance with all the promise and potential to make it to the big game again and again.

While we are big fans of the original “Game Winner” music video–which opens in the warm glow of the aftermath of an all but extinguished love and plays on this idea of rehabilitation as it chronicles the singer’s attempts to mend not only torn ligaments, but also a broken relationship and heart–Joey has released an exclusive stream of the live version shot in a recreation center. In this video, he greatly impresses us with his scarily perfect vocals and the natural reverb of basketballs bouncing off the walls of the gymnasium in the background. He is joined by a very adorable girl on stage, who seems hesitant at first to approach him, but who cannot help but be transfixed by his sound.

We can’t help but be transfixed by his sound.


We’ve got a stream up the upcoming EP release for you guys right now.

The Game Winner EP is out now.