Justin Pearson and Gabe Serbian, “Old Age Lasts Too Long”

Post Author: Jes Skolnik

Longtime collaborators in the delightfully (and uncompromisingly) freaky and theatrical powerviolence spectacle that is The Locust, noisegrind “supergroup” Head Wound City, and the short-lived but much-venerated Holy Molar, Justin Pearson and Gabe Serbian have recorded a 7-inch of exclusive music to accompany Pearson’s cinematic debut in Asia Argento‘s film Incompresa (Misunderstood). Finally released in the US on September 25 of this year, Incompresa is a moving tale of adolescent anarchic alienation and complication (Pearson plays Charlotte Gainsbourg’s extramarital boyfriend); “Old Age Lasts Too Long”, the A-side of the new single, is appropriately, joyfully destructive, all hiss and screel. It sounds like 1:20 of the best and worst parts of being inside a teenager’s head, processed through Pearson and Serbian’s trademark chaos.

You can listen to the entire 7-inch via Self-Titled, where the pair premiered their new work this morning. The 7-inch is available on limited edition color vinyl (of course) from Pearson’s label Three One G now.