Justus Proffit, "Fly"

Post Author: Justin Hernandez

“Fly” is a lo-fi affair all around, from the dreamy shuffle of the tune to the song’s kaleidoscopic video. The video opens as silhouettes dance against warm neon colors as Justus Proffit performs. A simple bit of makeup work and a winter hat pulled down to obscure his features creates a captivating character out of Proffit that adds a dramatic and fun layer to the video.
Against a tumbling acoustic riff and mellow, plaintive vocals, Proffit evokes a marionette as he moves to the beat with enormous eyes scrawled on his cheeks. When the song and video ends and the performer’s full face is revealed, I’m sure there is some message there. But it says something for the low key impact and immersive nature of “Fly” that it is also a reality breaking moment as the curtain is dropped on a vivid, if understated, bit of character work and performance art.
“Fly” is the first video off of UPS/DOWNS, the new EP from Justus Proffit available now on Smoking Room Records. You can follow Justus Proffit on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SoundCloud, and Bandcamp.