Lillie Lemon, “Burning Bridges”

Post Author: Meredith Schneider

Monterey, CA-based synth pop duo Lillie Lemon – comprised of Lillie Lemon (songwriter/vocals) and Erica Wobbles (keys, rhythm, production) – has been producing music that just WORKS. Everything about it is catchy and wondrous, and we’ve got the fun music video for their latest single “Burning Bridges” so you can get a little peak into what we’re talking about!

Shot exquisitely, the video starts as our protagonists wake up on a beach. Lemon looks completely confused as it cuts to a shot of them performing the song in and around the bed they woke up in. Footage of them trying to move the bed along the beach, carrying the birdcage they woke up with, and then waking up naked in that bed in front of a truck.

Basically it’s a video about a traveling bed. It’s pretty entertaining, especially with the synth mastery and Lemon’s beautiful, ethereal voice to carry it along. But the song itself has a more historical base to it.

“Our recently released EP, Aether, features synth pop landscapes drawn around four stories of heroic acts ending in failure,” elaborates Lemon. “‘Burning Bridges’ tells the forgotten story of the East Tennessee bridge burnings which took place during the Civil War. The Union conspiracy at Lick Creek was a failed adventure in rebellion and patriotic sacrifice, and I was moved by their heroism in the face of terrible odds.”

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