Marcus Alan Ward, “Little Sunshine”

Post Author: Emily Chu

You may have heard of Cleveland’s self taught multi-instrumentalist Marcus Alan Ward under his other moniker, Freeze-Tag, but as of August 2014, he’s shed that name and started recording under his own. He says that it draws distinction to the fact that he’s a one man composer and it’s more honest, and we couldn’t agree more. His a music is a combination between psychedelic pop, rock, and funk, and we are so excited to be premiering his latest music video.

The video is for his soulful, incredibly composed track, “Little Sunshine”. It was created completely in black and white, the stark contrast attention-grabbing from the get-go. Ward sings with psychedelic morphing patterns dancing in the background that match the funk of the music. Clips of beautiful women are scattered throughout as Ward sings, “shine on me.” It’s a song about being confident in love, and it’s the breath of fresh air we have been needing lately. The track is classic pop, and just breeds fun and relaxation at the same time. The video has as many components to it as the song, and it’s definitely worth a watch.

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