Marlins Dreaming-Cheeky Kids

Post Author: Impose Automaton

Have you ever unexpectedly stumbled upon a tune that you just cannot stop playing throughout your day? A tune that you can completely relate with that makes you happy? Here’s a little group from Dunedin, New Zealand with combined sounds of alt-rock and roll elements with psychedelic funk. Founded and fronted by lead singer Semisi and guitarist Tim, Marlins Dreaming shares how the catchy hit came to be “Cheeky Kids”.

“A lot of the sentences in Cheeky Kids don’t really make sense. I was on tour and we’d been put up at a mates place in Hawkes Bay for a week or so, and they had this loose as band room that just reeked of creative vibes, crayon all over the walls, a pool table and an epic jam setup, I started jamming a chord progression and just sung about what was written all over the walls. So I guess the songs about what was written on the walls in crayon… intertwined with a bit of glittery ad lib.”
Semisi talks about some of the band’s influences,
I grew up listening to the velvet underground (Lou Reed) and bands from the punk – post-punk era, so I think a lot of the sounds, and the simplicity of the songs are inspired by all of the music that I grew up on.”
“Tim listened to a lot of Brian Jonestown Massacre and The Strokes.. so there’s a lot of different influences at play! We also both listen to a lot of hip-hop, such as Public Enemy, Tribe Called Quest etc.”

 Semisi also states that he was only 19 when he wrote music for the new album and locked himself in his “home studio” for a week back in 2016. Along the way, he met some super cool dudes who helped him develop the record further in Auckland. Tim on guitar, Max on the bass and Connor on drums.

 Marlins Dreaming-Cheeky Kids is an independent track indeed, as it makes us feel fresh and brand new. It’s music that you’d want to hear while making some of the best memories in your life. It’s a song full of independence and a motivator for you to get out and explore the beautiful earth on a sunny day.