Maya Solovéy, “Judy Gumtree”

Post Author: Meredith Schneider

Brooklyn’s indie/folk rock singer-songwriting talent Maya Solovéy may have six albums under her belt already, but she continues to bend ears – and expectations – even more with her recent work. We’ve got the exclusive premiere of her music video for the single “Judy Gumtree” right here. Right now.

Flashes of light on the gorgeous Maya Solovéy, artful images projected on her face. Then she is fixing her hair in a public restroom, preparing to ride her bike around New York. She’s dressed in a striking gold sequined ensemble, with an intricately teased braid and glitter everywhere. She wanders around, looking inside windows and observing the world around her. Times Square at night, still while the camera pans around her, surrounded by the gorgeous lights of the city. She introduces herself to a man doing cartwheels and handstands at a track, and they partake in frivolity the majority of us probably haven’t experiences since grade school. They part ways, and the video ends with her on a buoy out at sea.

This video is a welcomed departure from adult life, set to a gorgeous soundtrack.

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