Mega Bog, “Wet Moss”

Post Author: JP Basileo

Not all music videos need to be coherent—that’s nothing new—but when the irrationality of the images simply makes sense, whether in relation to the song, or just in disjointed harmony with an artist’s personality, it can be an entirely fresh concept. Such can be said for Mega Bog’s new video for “Wet Moss” (off their debut LP, Gone Banana on Couple Skate), in which images come and go as frivolously as singer Erin Birgy’s whimsical demeanor, and it’s not unpleasant.

An alternation between city scenery, some nude people, and an egg injected with a syringe full of black ink, stand out as the majority of the video shot and directed by Birgy, herself. Throw in a doll set on fire, what appears to be a running unicorn, and a stuck out tongue turned black, and the connectivity of the shots is almost shattered entirely. But that’s ok. Like a broken mirror, the pieces may be picked up, viewed, and still function as a purveyor of beauty, especially with the accompaniment of the ambient slow-pop of the song, and Birgy’s hushed soothes. The video carries with it the melancholy of loss in the lyrics, set against the playful wonder of the imagery.