Modern Convenience, "Wild and Reckless"

Post Author: Ian Schneider

Mike Bibbs, better known by his punk band persona Modern Convenience, has a new video for the song “Wild and Reckless”.  In the video, the Tennessee native is shown rocking out in a room filled with people dancing to his music.  There are cuts , in between the head banging, of old movie clips in black and white, and give the video an edge.  When the video transitions from the film clips to the room, the band and people dancing are covered in effect filters.  these filters match the sound of the guitar and the aggressiveness of the song.
The energy given off by Modern Convenience is palpable, and the results of the intense performance are shown in the final shot of a broken drum symbol that occurred during filming.  Modern Convenience’s goal is rage, and their innovative take on punk rock, and their video style is a good sign that they are completing this goal.
More music is available on SoundCloud.