Morning Teleportation, "Re-wiring Easily"

Post Author: Andre G

That ever-relatable proclamation is a nugget from Morning Teleportation’s “Re-wiring Easily,” a melancholy. The folksy track is the third single from the band’s upcoming Salivating for Symbiosis album, and was treated to a recently-released 360 VR music video. Conceived in-part by LA-based production duo WATTS, the video follows a woman on her bike through the streets, woods, and eventually into California’s Lake Arrowhead.
The video pan throughout the bike rider’s surroundings, including her dip into the then-icy lake waters. WATTS noted that it was actually snowing during the shoot, but they braved on for a visual that showcased the video’s lead sinking into an abyss, perhaps symbolism for retreating into her own thought.
“Re-wiring Easily” was a part of a year-long recording process for Salivating for Symbiosis, which included collaboration with several musicians who’ve shared an artistic kinship with the four-man group. The album will be out April 28th via Glacial Pace Recordings.