New Track City Drops Mixtape, New Video

Post Author: Andre G

Washington State trio New Track City has been steadily buzzing with a brand of honest, relatable Hip-Hop buoyed by jazz-influenced live instrumentation. Riding the wave of their Spring Meets Winter album, they’re currently cooking up their next poject, but have whet their fans appetite in the mean time with the Damn Gina Tape, a soulful 10-track offering full of lush bass play, thumping drums, and lyrical content focused on relationships and progressing through life.

That said, they aren’t leaving Spring Meets Winter behind. They decided to celebrate the mixtape’s release with a video for Fortune and “Lorely’s Song Pt. II,” two tracks from the previous album. “Fortune” is a smooth, jazzy number, in which group MCs Chi and Bem rhyme about the pitfalls of love and decree, “RIP to authenticity they chasin’ money trees.” Blu also turns in a guest verse on the track. “Lorely’s Song” is an equally powerful track, with the duo being more intent on their wordplay and showing off their raw skills over the spell-binding organ play. These tracks and the Damn Gina Tape are a great introduction to the group, and a pleasant harbinger for the next album set to be released in early 2017.

You can stream the Damn Gina Mixtape below.