NVDES, “8am”

Post Author: Meredith Schneider

Los Angeles-based NVDES is preparing for the debut EP Life With Lobsters, to be released on November 18th. We’ve got the visual premiere for their brand new song “8am”, the first single off that work.

Heavy bass hits while the camera utilizes first person to pan over some of the narrative in the song (i.e. “Kiss me on the cheek / that was only on the first street / hittin traffic goin’ downtown”). Our protagonist follows this gorgeous woman around in her apartment, interacting with her and panning over the quirkiness of small moments in life. Things get a little questionable, and then a close up of a woman holding a papaya over herself. Then there is a shot of a rave and lasers.

The video absolutely pushes the limits, but that’s kind of what NVDES’ music does.

“I met Lenore Holloway one night in Berlin at Berghain,” explains NVDES. “After talking with her about my obsession with melon as an aesthetic we decided to leave the club together. I started filming with a GoPro as we left. The video is my go pro from this morning.”

Tour Dates
Nov 17
 // Los Angeles @ The Roxy (supporting Hayley Kiyoko)
Dec 4 // Rennes, France @ Transmusicales Festival

Life With Lobsters is out November 18th. It is available for preorder now.