O.C.D., “Best Friend”

Post Author: Emily Chu

A new band is rising from Oakland, California, and they’re called O.C.D. They blend aspects of latin jazz with indie rock and punk, creating a sound like no other. They’ve just released a music video for their track, “Best Friend,” and we have it here for you first on Impose.

The video is a combination between the band jamming out and them just having fun and up to random shenanigans. The track is fast paced and the video looks like a lot of fun. The vocals nest comfortably within the instrumentals, and the guitar is super catchy.

In regards to the video, Ethan White elaborates, “We wanted the video to be as if someone hung out with us for a weekend and essentially that is what the video is.
Jon Delouz drove up from long beach and spent a long weekend with us shooting, and also compiled some footage from our first tour with Toner and different videos we had just shot on each others phones. We were super surprised when we saw it. For the amount of time Jon had to round up the five of us fools for four days in a row, everyone broke, and half as much content as we wanted to get, he put together exactly what we envisioned.”

You guys look like you’re having a blast. Can we join?

The Growth EP is available now.