Premiere: Dramady, “Wanna Be Good”

Portland's Dramady presents the following moral public service announcement video with the premiere of "Wanna Be Good". The duo of Amanda Wiles and Zacery Stanley "break it all down", tell you to "stop fucking around" in a video that promotes healthy attitudes about life, waking up at a good time and being more than the neighborhood pariah. Taken from their forthcoming Cochon Records release, Answer Only To The Sea; the duo who hail from acts such as Rollerball, Six Foot Sloth, The Pink Widower, Narwhal vs. Narwhal, and Miss Massive Snowflake respectively show you how to keep your feet on the ground and turn unfocused energy into sound.

With forestall saxophone sessions and sweatsuit routines, Dramady shows you how to keep a smile on your face and keep your feet on the ground. This involves calisthenic routines in matching Adidas jump suits, like jogging, jumping jacks, going round and round the neighborhood and local parklets and trying to live right. Contrasted to the ethos of "getting up on time to laugh in the light" are random pillow fights and passing out on the greenbelt next to the suburban sidewalk only to be discovered by the curler wearing neighborhood dog walkers. With a catchy and minimalist sound, these two show you to capitalize and maximize on the potential that awakens you like a buzzing digital alarm clock at 6:30am.

We caught up with Amanda and Zac to further understand the tenets of "Wanna Be Good".

What do you both feel is the key to, "Being Good"?

Going to bed on time, drinking enough water, treating each other with kindness whenever possible, and not partying too much!! Easier said than done.

Is it like one of those things of keeping a firm and even footing on life, hence "feet on the ground"?

Always ending up with our feet on the ground refers to a cat-like recovery. Most times when they fall, they always end up back the way they should. When faced with harsh times or bumps in the road, we try to keep a firm yet even grasp on life for sure.

Explain to us the benefits of "mood" over "attitude."

If our mood sucks we’re pros at getting out of it! A bad mood can be temporary. A bad attitude could last a lifetime.

What is the key to getting people to "stop fucking around" and turn their indolence "into sound"?

A positive hook placed in someone’s head could potentially send a message. Watching someone do what they like to do could be inspiring. Certain parts of music could possibly help dissolve someone’s desire to be indolent.

If Dramady could create their own cult, would it be called?

Cults seem pretty creepy. It’d probably be more like a camp. We’d call it, 'Camp Amanda.'

Other Portland happenings that we have been missing out on?

Rock shows alongside bountiful fall produce at Cherry Sprout Produce.

Dramady's Answer Only To The Sea will be available November 12 from Cochon Records, with a record release party at The World Famous Kenton Club in Portland, November 15 with Paulo Zappoli and The Break & Lonnie Winn.