Radiator Hospital, “Fireworks (Reprise)”

Post Author: Jake Saunders

You know those moments when you’re at a party or a show or any kind of social gathering, and you see someone you know, and you can tell there’s something on their mind? It’s that far away, glazed-over look that people get when they’re distracted by whatever else in the world is concerning them, and you can’t help but wonder what they’re thinking about. That’s what the new video for Radiator Hospital’s “Fireworks (Reprise)” is like. It’s taking an outside look in, zooming in on various people during candid moments of social interaction or distracted distance, throwing us in the deep end of a pool of gooey nostalgia. “You looked at me like I was your way out/I looked at you, thought I’d never stop looking,” Sam Cook-Parrott belts out, describing that frozen-in-time moment that we all know so well. Watch the video above — created and directed by Allyssa Yohana for Rookie. Yohana also directed the similarly great videos for Quarterbacks’ “Center” and Frankie Cosmos’ “Buses Splash With Rain“.

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