Ramonda Hammer, “If, Then”

Post Author: Emily Chu

If you’ve never heard of Ramonda Hammer, you’re about to. The grunge-pop band from Los Angeles has just released their new album, Whatever That Means, along with a music video for their song, “If, Then.” We had the opportunity to check out the video and it’s a memorable one.

The video takes a single girl around the city, trying to find her place but never seeming to fit in anywhere – not at home and not with friends. She is alone in the city, lost. The girl wanders into an underground show and watches the performance, and it’s clear on her face that she’s finally connected to something – the music that the band is playing. This song is powerful and full of emotion. The lead singer’s voice slightly resembles Gwen Stefani’s, but with deep maturity and feeling as she sings, “but I haven’t amounted to anything.” You can just feel the pain dripping from her voice. This song is an anthem for anyone who has ever felt like they’ve never belong, and it’s absolutely incredible.

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