ScienZe, "I Would Rob A Whole Bank For You"

Post Author: Andre G

There’s a million ways to say “I love you.” For many, those three words are good enough. But leave it up to hip-hop artists to prove their devotion in the most creative ways possible. Enter Brooklyn MC ScienZe’s “I Would Rob A Whole Bank For You” and the similarly themed video. To the Dope League rhymer’s credit, he tackles the concept and video with about as much finesse as possible given the alarming title.
Over a smooth production which transforms into a beguiling trap-influenced track, he rhymes about an elegant woman he’s become enamored with, who he tries to take 10 paces away from – that always turn into 20 because he doubles back. The video shows him sliding through Brooklyn with a woman in his backseat –along with a pink duffel bag full of cash.
He drives with a ski mask toward a parking lot which coalesces with the beat switch to form a crimson energy that ScienZe glides over introspectively. This juncture of the video serves to shake you out of the lovey-dovey energy and remind you that he is wearing a mask and the video is about robbing a bank, after all.
The final scene that occurs after they leave the getaway car isn’t what you expect to happen after the tense beat drop, but is a dope flourish nonetheless.