Shahman, “Time Slows on a Glassy Lake”

Post Author: Meredith Schneider

Two-piece noise/meditative post-hardcore collective Shahman just wrapped up a midwest leg of touring in support of their upcoming 3rd full length cassette release Fragments of a Distant Light, which will be available on September 23rd. After that whirlwind, you’d think they would be more apt to sit idle for a second as a calm before the storm, but the guys are amped on their upcoming release, so we’ve got a video premiere of their track “Time Slows on a Glassy Lake”, by visual artist Joucous.

The video starts out with an array of visuals, paper being moved and layered over other paper, colors blending into each other in a dye, pauses in the visuals as you take in what’s before you. The colors are dull, but notable. It has a stop motion feel to it, but it’s more of a fragmented, textured art project in its own right.

Shahman will be performing a record release show on September 23rd at Soybomb HQ in Toronto. Fragments of a Distant Light is now available for pre-order and will be available on cassette September 23rd via Art of the Uncarved Block (Toronto, ON). It is available for preorder now