Pop & Obachan, “Bad Way”

Post Author: Matthew Voracek

Emma Tringali & Jake Smisloff are a partnership in music and life, building a creative construct where their art can bud and flourish. The music of Pop & Obachan has a communal element too, with a tenor that invites you over to relax, listen to music, have a snack, enjoy the beautiful day. Despite the heavy title, “Bad Way” radiates good vibes through the furrowed concerns of the everyday. Tringali’s coo is childlike as she takes on the existential concerns of conceivably never being born: “You arrived a surprise in the strangest way/ What started as hate ended as a beautiful thing.” These are dark thoughts, but filtered through the glowing positivity of P&O appears reconciliation and beauty.

The video for “Bad Way” is saturated with love’s infinite possibilities. Through Tringali’s direction and illustrations, we are given a peek into their intimacy here as well also the couple’s varied talents. Our protagonists dance and connect with an unfettered freedom as the song unfurls into realization. It represents the directive of their partnership, to explore the mysteries of this crazy world and to enjoy the simplicity of being alive while appreciating each other.

And it’s about oranges. Because oranges are delicious.

“Bad Way” will be available on Pop & Obachan’s album Misc. Excellence on October 7. Also, the single will be included on a benefit collaboration by the Swell Tone and Z Tapes labels. Entitled Summer of Sad, all proceeds will go to benefit a home for domestic abuse in Slovakia. The compilation will be available on cassette and digitally September 19. It is available for preorder now.