Skinny Bones’ “Stupid Slow” Conjures Up What It’s Like Trudging Through “The Grind”

Post Author: Jessica Ourisman

The video for “Stupid Slow” is creepy as fuck. The music itself is creepy (in a cool way), and we find it funny that Skinny Bones‘ second full-length album, Ponta Delgada, will be released mere days before Halloween. Coincidence? We think not.

Jacob Rosati and Chris Stoppiello have created something that sounds industrial, like a big metal machinery scraping against itself in motion. It’s very intense and quite possibly what the musical and visual representation of “anxiety” might sound like, as you’re pressing onward. The men are fighting, though, so what we’re sensing is that this song represents the process of working it out. (“It” being the unresolved issues you’re grappling with from… your last relationship, your last job, etc. The baggage.)

In addition to their visual representation of that process, they also do a great job of representing the grind of “the grind” audibly. Basically, whatever that process is that we’re trudging through — the day to day, the “working it out,” the process — they do a damn good job of representing what that sounds. Quite literally, a grinding sound. And, accordingly, the difficult and jarring sound of the song transforms into something more integrated, smooth and easy-on-the-ears as it progresses. There’s more fluidity and even if it’s not necessarily full healing and resolution, there’s at least progress and exhaustion.

The vocals are the best part of this song. And they’re synthesized, we’re pretty sure, but it works! Just listen to it.

Ponta Delgada is out October 28th.