Soccer Team, “Best Employed New Beau”

Post Author: Jes Skolnik

Since vaunted DIY stalwarts Dischord Records release records under their own imprint less frequently than they did throughout the ‘80s and ‘90s these days, a new Dischord release causes ears to perk across the globe. Soccer Team, led by Ryan Nelson (of Beauty Pill, The Most Secret Method, Minutes, and Routineers) and Melissa Quinley are set to release their second album for the label, Real Lessons in Cynicism, on October 27.

Real Lessons in Cynicism is the kind of smart, subtle, internally directed indie rock that recalls the days before “indie” became a generalized sonic descriptor and described a very distinct ethos. It sparkles with clever self-deprecation that isn’t so clever as to become twee and hackneyed. It’s fine-milled.

Here, Soccer Team premieres their first video from the album, for the single “Best Employed New Beau”. The video finds the individual band members in their natural habitats and sharing secret smiles; while many bands need grand epic statements and huge landscapes to scrawl their ideas across, Soccer Team finds joy and interest in exploring the tiniest, most quotidian interactions, the meaningful grist of everyday life. (Of note: Nelson’s artwork , which also explores such themes, appears on the album cover; he has illustrated many album covers and many beautiful show flyers for his bands and beyond, making a distinct impact on DC indie rock’s aesthetic over the years.)

Real Lessons in Cynicism is available for pre-order from Dischord.