Sonic Avenues, “Teenage Brain”

Post Author: Sjimon Gompers

Ripped from their Dirtnap album Mistakes, Montreal’s Sonic Avenues premiere the music video for, “Teenage Brain”, directed by David Dunham. The trio’s volatile combination of taking some of the best aspects of home-tailored Canadian pop punk and feeding it through the Southern routes of Memphis and Nashville garage amplifiers is given a video to exemplify the overwhelmed states of overstimulated neurochemistry. With a backdrop of television static, line patterns, shapes, and distorted visual effects, their song of cognitive collisions and information excess-overloads are rolled up into a multimedia onslaught of ADHD set to the mode of hyper-drive.

Sonic Avenues throw out the conventional sciences in the mind-surging video for “Teenage Brain”. Every moment introduces a new indulgent special effect, courtesy of David’s direction with video production from DIVORCE. The constant feed of entertainment and fascination speaks to the short attention spans of the world as Sonic Avenues thrash as much action as they can in a song that carries the economy of being under two-and-a-half mark on the clock. Lead singer Max described to us in the following succinct passage about the obfuscation of life’s focuses, goals, pursuits, meaning, and more—or what happens when the mind is inundated with constant bombardment of instant feeds of everything all at once:

Everything becomes the same when the concept of relevance in our lives gets drowned by the junk overload we are constantly being fed.

Sonice Avenues’ Mistakes is available now from Dirtnap Records, and you can find the Montreal dudes on their upcoming tour dates:

23 Vancouver, BC – The Cobalt
24 Seattle, WA – Lo-Fi
25 Portland, OR – The Know
26 Oakland, CA – Night Light
27 San Francisco, CA – TBA
28 Los Angeles, CA – TBA
29 San Diego, CA – Soda Bar