St. Lenox, “People From Other Cultures”

Post Author: Elizabeth Schneider

St. Lenox is the musical project of Andrew Choi (vocals) who spends his professional time working as a lawyer in Manhattan.  When exploring his creative side, he has formed a collaborative (Chris Hills/Nick Fed – guitar; Jorge Vega/Brandon Vitruls/Todd Celmar – drums; Chris Bolognese – bass; Fritz Chrysler – Mp3 player) that speaks raw truth.  “People from Other Cultures” is a song that paints a very poignant picture of life for a young woman, growing up first in North Korea, then South Korea, and how that has affected her relationship with her grown son today.  The video juxtaposes images of the Korean War era and the mundane of cooking a meal today.  Choi’s bluesy voice is the perfect vehicle for this message.

Ten Hymns from My American Gothic is the sophomore album from St. Lenox will be released October 21, 2016 on Anyway Records. They will be playing in NYC at Rockwood Music Hall on October 25th at 8pm.