Stik Figa x Leonard Dstroy, “Tell ‘Em That”

On his Mello Music Group debut Stik Figa appeared as himself. For the Topeka-based rapper, it was the only branding available beyond repping the Midwest and offering an alternative to Strange Music, the only other nationally known rap entity in the region from neighboring Kansas City.

Two years and one album later (the exceptional collaborative LP with L’Orange, The City Under The City), Stik Figa still holds a sense of identity, but it’s beginning to slip as the upcoming album title will suggest. This outing he’s teamed up with Leonard Dstroy, a producer within the Strange Music circle, to provide the backing to his modus operandi. On “Tell ‘Em That”, Stik Figa issues a press release of the latest noise forthcoming from Topeka.

The video is directed by Barrel Maker.

Stik Figa Is Not Quite Himself is slated for a spring 2015 release date.