Street Gnar, “Wrong Destination”

We loved Street Gnar's Study Wall last year, so we are happy to revisit it with a new video from Broken Machine Films for the track "Wrong Destination". The films that they chose to collage from – mostly what seem to be erotic '50s material of various levels of explicitness, ranging from simply seductive to fetish porn – become more and more sinister as the video progresses and Case Mahan's singing gets more and more of that air of desperation about it. Are we walking in on something we shouldn't be seeing? And, if so, aren't we secretly content with just standing in the corner and watching?

Broken Machine Films also made a video for the song "Upgrade" while they were at it, and if you are in Lexington, Kentucky tonight you can see Street Gnar open for Dirty Beaches at the Sidecar.