Sydney Ranee’, “17”

Post Author: Emily Chu

Not long ago, I was introduced to a young, talented songstress named Sydney Ranee’. She had just released her video “You Could,” and it was filled with a beautiful beach setting and sultry dance moves. Sydney hasn’t slowed down since then, she’s continued to make music and we have the exclusive premiere to her latest music video, “17.”

The video starts in a beautiful backyard pool. Ranee’ says that “17 is about letting loose, being fabulous, and carefree like we were at 17.” Her voice is as stunning as always, as she sings “Don’t you like the high life? Doesn’t it feel good to be a queen for just one night?” Sydney and her friends are relaxing and having fun on a beautiful day, everything seems just perfect. She’s back at it again with her seductive and infectious dance moves. Everyone looks like they’re having a great time and they’re just enjoying themselves, without a care in the world. It looks like loads of fun and I’m in love with this video…. Can I join?